Calendar of Events

W3C engages with the community in a number of venues. This page lists upcoming events of various types, both inside and outside W3C. Additional event details may be found on linked pages.

Team may add to this calendar using the (Team-only) events tool. Others may send calendar updates to [email protected].

Talks Header link

These are just some of the upcoming presentations of W3C work at conferences and events around the world. Contact W3C for speaker requests.

    Workshops Header link

    W3C Workshops promote early involvement in the development of W3C Activities from Members and the public.

    W3C Group meetings

    Membership Meetings Header link

    Advisory Committee

    • 2020-05-17 (17 MAY) 2020-05-19 (19 MAY)

      AC Seoul 2020

      63 Convention Center, Seoul, Korea

      Hosted by KISA


    • 2020-10-26 (26 OCT) 2020-10-30 (30 OCT)

      TPAC 2020

      Vancouver, Canada

    Regional Events Header link

    The W3C Offices organize regional events.

      Conferences Endorsed by W3C Header link

      Conferences endorsed by W3C; W3C Members may benefit from discount fees.

        Online Training

        Periodically, W3C organizes online training sessions. Find courses currently available at W3DevCampus and on W3Cx.

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