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Making the Web Accessible

Strategies, standards, and supporting resources to help you make the Web more accessible to people with disabilities.


The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) develops international standards for the Web: HTML, CSS, and many more.


The W3C Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) develops standards and support materials to help you understand and implement accessibility.


You can use W3C WAI resources to make your websites, applications, and other digital creations more accessible and usable to everyone.


New Online Course: W3Cx Introduction to Web Accessibility


Introduction to Accessibility – W3Cx Course
W3C WAI and the UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education (UNESCO IITE) have launched a new W3Cx course: Introduction to Web Accessibility. It is designed for technical and non-technical audiences, including developers, designers, content authors, project managers, people with disabilities, and others. The course will start on 28 January 2020 and is self-paced. A blog post and press release introduces the course. To learn more about the course and enroll now, see the Introduction to Web Accessibility course description.

ACT Rules Format is a Web Standard "W3C Recommendation"


Accessibility Conformance Testing (ACT) Rules Format 1.0 was published today as a “W3C Recommendation” web standard. This standard helps developers of automated testing tools and manual testing methodologies to write, share, and implement test rules. The rules contribute to consistent testing for accessibility standards compliance. ACT is introduced in the ACT Overview. For more information and examples of organizations already using ACT, see the blog post: Calibrate Your Accessibility Evaluation With ACT.

New Resource: Making Audio and Video Media Accessible


Making Audio and Video Media Accessible
helps you understand and create captions/subtitles, audio description of visual information, descriptive transcripts, and sign language for media. It includes guidance for creating new videos, and on media player accessibility. The planning and project management sections address considerations for outsourcing or in-house development. The resource starts by introducing user experiences and benefits to organizations – illustrating how digital accessibility is essential for some and useful for all.

Upcoming: Workshop on Inclusive Design for Immersive Web Standards


A W3C Workshop on Inclusive Design for Immersive Web Standards will be held on 5-6 November 2019 in Seattle, WA, USA. The workshop will bring together people with practical experience with inclusive virtual reality and augmented reality, and people involved in relevant web technologies. Attendance is free for invited participants and is open to the public. Expressions of interest and position statements are due by 5 October 2019.

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