Fantasai showing her set of W3C Spec. best editing practices

Mina-san, yōkoso! (よ うこそ)
We invite the public and W3C members to gather for an evening of demonstrations, presentations, and discussions with the W3C community. Participation in the meetup is open to everyone at no cost.

Local Web designers and application developers from Fukuoka and all over Japan are particularly encouraged to participate. 

W3Cは福岡をはじめ全國各地から地元のWebデザイナーやアプリケーション開発者を招き、W3Cコミュニティとのデモンストレーション、プレゼ ンテーション、そしてディ スカッションに參加します。

Learn from and meet with the top notch engineers building the Web!


Japanese Web developers at a W3C devmeetup

6:00pm - Doors open and sponsors' demos

6:30pm - Opening remarks by @dontcallmeDOM and @marieforgue

6:35-7:35pm - Talks by:

7:35-7:40pm - Recognizing the W3C Japanese translators community (W3C 文書の日本語翻訳集)

7:40-8:30pm - Sponsors' demos and networking

Twitter #w3cdevs2019


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